Dreamlink and Formuler TV Android OTT set-top box Setup Guide for IPTV Private server IPTV donation. Support all dreamlink and formuler TV boxes including Dreamlink Dlite, Dreamlink T3, Dreamlink T2, Dreamlink Dlite 5G. Buy best IPTV service for your Dreamlink box today.

  1. Download & Install the "IPTV4LESS" app from https://iptv4less.com/apps/iptv4less.apk
  2. Then Install, Open the app and add your m3u playlist url or file for Login
  3. Your m3u file can be download from your Clientarea
  4. Enjoy!

APK Installation Guide

Download and transfer APK file downloaded above to a USB storage device.
Make a Folder in your USB stotage device named "apks"
then transfer your iptv4less.apk file to the "apks" folder.
The T3 will not recognize these files unless they are in a folder named as 'apks'
then insert USB into your T3/Dreamlink device.
First thing you should see is a screen come up that will allow you load iptv4less.apk file right from this first screen.
So simple choose iptv4less.apk and then high-light the OK option and they will load one at a time for you. Let them load.
You will see a small message at the bottom of the screen reporting the progress.

There is of course the old fashion way to load apk files and that is thru your File Manager which can be found on your main Launcher screen.
That method also needs the apk files in a named folder or the T3 will not recognize any of them.
File Manager > Store > sda1 > apks .... and then choose your apk to install.

Not sure where to start?

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